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RAM Shack was the first home of RAM Fitness UK. Not only does Ray provide body transformation and fitness for his clients, he also finds and has transformed hidden treasures over the years from an old portable cabin in desperate need for a little care and attention, to restoring cargo shipping containers to finally landing on his feet and completely transforming an industrial storage room into a fully operational private gym and calling it
“The Fortress”.

Phase 1
RAM Shack Before 1
RAM Shack Before 2
RAM Shack Before 3
RAM Shack Before 4
RAM Shack Before 5
RAM Shack Before 6
Phase 2
RAM Shack After 1
RAM Shack After 2
RAM Shack After 3
RAM Shack After 4
RAM Shack After 5
RAM Shack After 6
Phase 3
RAM Shack Final 1
RAM Shack Final 2
RAM Shack Final 3
Phase 4
RAM Shack Phase 4 - 1
The Fortress
RAM The Fortress - 1
RAM The Fortress - 1
RAM The Fortress - 1
RAM The Fortress - 1
RAM The Fortress - 1