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Raymond Anthony Mouzon

Body Transformation is my passion. 10 years ago I started my own business RAM Fitness UK, qualified as a Personal Trainer through government funding and started to train people. I really like to help my clients become the best version of themselves regarding their personal fitness, well being, and mental state. I have transformed over five hundred people to date and according to my clients, I have managed to add value to their daily lives through a personalised training program alongside a recommended dietary & healthy lifestyle plan.

At RAM Fitness UK we get results for every type of person, from Personal Training athletes to people who just want to improve their fitness and get back in shape. For our clients who are interested in a good community spirit, we have a fun loving social group called “RAM FAM” which each member is known as a “Rammer” who get together 2/3 times per year for “Award winning” evenings with like minded people. One of the most important cogs in the wheels of RAM Fitness UK is that all my clients work out, enjoy the session and have fun at the same time.

RAM Fitness UK is for anyone and has experience in training athletes, youth offenders, disabled, and even elderly people. Each clients session is tailored to their individual specific needs.

Feel free to continue through my website and find out more info about me and my services I offer to anyone.

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